Farma VUB

2017 - heden

Silicon Monster IX

Systeem gedoneerd door John Kellen en VUB MINF, beheerd door Frederik Questier.

aug 2009 - 2017

Silicon Monster VIII

Systeem gedoneerd door Frederik Questier

aug 2008 - aug 2009

Silicon Monster VII

Systeem gedoneerd door Frederik Questier

31/01/05-aug. 2008 -

Silicon Monster VI

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Silicon Monster V

Systeem gedoneerd door Frederik Questier


Silicon Monster IV

Systeem gedoneerd door Frederik Questier, uitgezonderd 32MB RAM gedoneerd door Mathieu Peeters en Netwerkkaart van FK.
Lijkt misschien een traag systeem, maar dankzij de uitstekende software (Windows vrij!), serveert het probleemloos meer dan 50 (statische) pagina's per seconde of 8mbit/s.


Sun Ultra-Enterprise 3000 Sun Microsystems Ultra-Enterprise 3000
  • 2 * 250 MHz Ultra-Sparc-II cpu's (expandable to 6)
  • 512 MB RAM (max. 6 GB)
  • 20 GB SCSI HD's
  • CD ROM
  • Ethernet connection 100Mbps
  • Solaris 2.5.1 --> Solaris 2.6 since summer 98 --> Solaris 2.7 UPDATE

- Live system status -


Sun 670MP Sun Microsystems 670MP2
  • 2 * 40MHz cpu's (expandable to 4)
  • SunOS 4.1.3
  • 64, later 128MB RAM
  • 10GB SCSI HD's
  • CD ROM
  • Tape Backup

The following comes from the SUN hardware FAQ:

   SPARCsystem 6xxMP/xx
        Processor(s):   ROSS CY7C601 @ 40MHz or SuperSPARC @ 45 or
                        50MHz, CY7C602 FPU or on TI chip, CY7C605 MMU or
                        on TI chip (Reference); 4096 or 65536 hardware
                        contexts; ROSS: 114 MIPS. Up to four CPUs.
        Chassis type:   rackmount
        Bus:            VME, SBus, and Mbus
        Memory:         ROSS: Off-chip 64K write-back, direct-mapped,
                        virtually indexed, virtually and physically
                        tagged, 32-byte lines
        Architecture:   sun4m
        Notes:          First Mbus-based machine. Cypress/ROSS Mbus
                        modules later upgraded to TI SuperSPARC modules
                        (/xx models). Code name "Galaxy". ROSS cache can
                        be run write-through but OS puts it in
                        write-back; physically tagged for MP cache
                        coherency.  630MP/600MP: 128M
                        physical. 670MP/690MP: 640M physical.